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  • Let's Talk Hormones & Adrenal Fatigue
    by Farrah Reyna, CPC

    Maritza Worthington is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and a certified holistic nutrition consultant who specializes in helping women overcome digestive and hormone imbalances, naturally. In this episode, Maritza explains how she was able to cure her own ailments using a holistic […]

  • Your Perception of People Could Be Wrong
    by Farrah Reyna, CPC

    A friend called me to discuss an exercise that her life coach assigned her. She asked if I’d help her identify some traits about her on a personal and professional personality. Whoa! Talk about a revelation and a huge life lesson. Hear how my perception of her was completely wrong, and what […]

  • Unhealthy Relationships & Your Rock Bottom
    by Farrah Reyna, CPC

    In this #liveworthylifelessons episode, I share some tips from my #letyourexgo breakup recovery program. Do you know how unhealthy relationships cause you to hit rock bottom? The only person who changes in a dysfunctional relationship is YOU; not the other person.You can find more personal growth […]

  • How To Create Your Personal Values List
    by Farrah Reyna, CPC

    When you're faced with a decision, do you decide using your emotions or your values?There are many risks with making good and bad decisions. In this episode, I'm giving you tips on how to create a personal values list, which will help you make life decisions easier and for success!

  • Tips for Dating During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    by Farrah Reyna, CPC & Mick Essex

    Swipe left. Swipe right. Swipe, swipe, swipe! How many of you spent a lot of your COVID-19 quarantine time on your online dating apps? Dating allows us to connect and build relationships with all kinds of people for many different reasons. Evan Daniels found success dating during the COVID-19 […]

  • What Will You Do If You’ve Been Ghosted?
    by Farrah Reyna, Host

    Do you wonder if your last date was a magician because they disappeared into thin air? As more singles look for potential partners online, the risk of being ghosted increases.Ghosting has become the term for describing a certain kind of dating behavior. It usually happens when you go out on a few […]

  • 8 Ways to Enjoy Single Time Between Relationships
    by Farrah Reyna, Host

    It's time to embrace your singleness! I have eight helpful ways to enjoy your single time when in between relationships. Romantic relationships can contribute to your personal growth or hold you back. If you’re going through a difficult breakup, give yourself time to heal. Use your single time […]

  • 9 Recovery Tips After the End of Your Relationship
    by Farrah Reyna, Host

    We all need some help recovering from a breakup! I hope these nine tips on getting a fresh start on life after the end of your relationship will help you! It's time to take your life to a new level after your breakup! Most romantic relationships end at some point. The trick is to learn something […]

  • 5 Keys to Managing Your Unhelpful Thoughts
    by Farrah Reyna, Host

    Let’s be real! I think it’s safe to say that our mind and our thoughts play a pivotal role in sabotaging our relationships, right? I used to be guilty of always thinking the worst. Who’s with me? It becomes even more damaging when our thoughts become unhealthy and affects all areas of our […]

  • A Year of Conscious Celibacy
    by Hosts: Farrah Reyna & Mick Essex w/ Guest: Dezi Slusher & Aram Mesina

    Could you date someone for a year without having sex? In world where sex is always on the minds of most, Dezi Slusher and Aram Mesina are a new couple who's practicing "conscious celibacy" during their first year together. What is conscious celibacy? It's a way to truly connect with a partner on a […]

  • What Happens When You Swipe Right?
    by Farrah Reyna & Mick Essex

    Hosts Farrah Reyna and Mick Essex interview guests Gerren Benoit and Kathleen Gannon who share their worst online dating stories!  When you think you’ve heard all the dating stories out there, in walks Kathleen with prepared notes. Ummmm, what did Mick and Farrah get ourselves […]

  • Divorcing w/ Grace
    by Farrah Reyna, Mick Essex, Lindsey and Alex Stanford

    Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult life events one can experience. How does a couple prevent the divorce from turning ugly?Lindsey and Alex Stanford, a husband and wife team, work with divorced couples everyday. They have discovered a nontraditional way of helping couples dissolve […]

  • Praying the Gay Away w/ @CharmingMatty
    by Farrah Reyna & Mick Essex w/ guest Matthew Humphrey

    In a world where being gay has debilitating challenges, @CharmingMatty (Matthew J. Humphrey) has become the head super hero of the PFLAG - Lafayette chapter. PFLAG is the extended family of the LGBTQ community. It's made up of LGBTQ individuals, family members and allies. The organization's motto […]

  • Farrah's Story - Happily Divorced & Single
    by Farrah Reyna & Mick Essex, hosts & Dr. Jamie Wright, guest

    In Happily Divorced & Single, Farrah Reyna, co-host of Buckets Podcast, shares her story of divorce recovery and post-divorce life as a single woman. Farrah is interviewed by her friend Dr. Jamie Wright who offers some helpful insight on how to accept the split of your partner and how to […]

  • Bae Was In Elementary: Dating Younger Men
    by Farrah Reyna & Mick Essex

    Our guests Rachael Sudul and April Courville talk about their experience dating young men. What are the pros and cons of going ten years younger? Would you date a man drastically younger than you? What would your family say? How would your kids respond? Rachael and April answer all of these […]

  • Sweet & Salty: The Science of Flirting
    by Farrah Reyna, Mick Essex, Chris Lofstrom and Callie Laviolette

    In a world where social media and dating apps are King, how does one flirt with another?  Bucket of Makeups and Breakups hosts Farrah Reyna and Mick Essex talk with Chris Lofstrom and Callie Laviolette who share the best ways to find success in flirting.