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How many times have you said... 

"That's it; I'm blocking him and moving on!"... only to find yourself texting him 24 hours later.... The entanglement of your tumultuous relationship with your Ex will weigh you down in every area of your life as long as you allow it.  

You have the WILLPOWER and the COURAGE to break the chain and release yourself from the pain that's been consuming your life.

Our First Call Together... 

Are you ready to mend your broken heart? Are you ready close this chapter of your life? Are you ready to heal so you can find your soulmate?

After I receive your application, you and I will jump on a 30 minute call to discuss more in-depth why you're having a hard time letting go of your Ex.

The application below will help me recommend the right coaching program for you.  Together, we will uncover the best ways to help you let your ex go.