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Live Worthy Coaching is Farrah Reyna's authentic leadership guidance program designed to help high-achievers, like you, navigate change with purpose, action, and passion.


Your 13 Step Guide to 

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Break the Cycle of Feeling Unworthy of the Beautiful Life that You Deserve

Hi there, I'm Farrah

I'm a certified professional coach with more than two decades of coaching and mentoring clients through their personal and professional journeys.

In 2019, I focused on eliminating my 9-5 day job to become an entrepreneur after receiving my professional coaching certification from the Certified Life Coaching Institute, an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited institute in Costa Mesa, California.

After coaching clients as a side hustle for two decades, I decided to coach high performing individuals full-time. 

I've learned over the years that my personal experience of childhood trauma, abandonment, betrayal, depression, failed relationships, anxious attachment disorder, and suicide watch has given me the unique ability and tools to help others become a victor and not a victim of their life experiences.

I lost both of my parents at the age of two-years-old. My grandmother raised me in a single-parent environment.  Kudos to all of the single moms out there; you're a real super hero!

The rest of my childhood was riddled with more loss, disappointments, and failures. My adult life has been full of failed relationships for so many reasons - but not anymore.

Despite the dark periods in my life, I made a decision at a very early age that I was going to strive for success in every area of my life. This mindset has served me well.

My life has been far from perfect... does perfect even exist. I joyfully consider myself beautifully broken and fabulously flawed.  Your imperfections shouldn't keep you from leading a successful, too.

At some point in your journey, you have to make the decision to rise from the ashes, or stay lying in the dirt of despair.

What would you choose?

I'll help you uncover your blind spots, know your true worth, and become the master of your own life!

Farrah's Signature Coaching Programs

Success Growth Mindset 1:1 COACHING

This completely custom-tailored 1:1 program is designed to help high-achievers, like you, navigate change with purpose, action, and passion so you can lead through success.
 Together, we’ll unpack the three major foundational building blocks of a successful leader and fulfilled life: daily habits of outstanding leader; communication skills of top leaders; how to lead with courage. You’ll learn how to conquer the draining “shoulds” that are keeping you busy but without passion.  I'll help you breakthrough the burnout so that your accomplishments are in alignment with your goals. If you’re ready to uncover the fearful thoughts that's holding you back and get crystal clear on who you are and who you want to be, then this customized one-on-one coaching program is for YOU.

Leadership & Success Workshop

Join the community of trailblazers. In this LIVE Group Coaching Program, I will help you identify and amplify your unique “superpowers” so you can finally overcome overwhelm and move into action. The Live Worthy Inner Circle provides similar benefits to guided 1:1 transformation, but with the support of like-minded, like-motivated individuals. You’ll learn how to identify the worth you bring to the table and how to share it with the world. No more waiting for life to land in your lap - it’s time to make it happen! Each week, we'll meet online to give you real strategies, tips and techniques to help you step into a meaningful purpose AND enjoy the process along the way.

Let your ex go Now Online Course

Farrah is the creator of the only breakup recovery program for women that helps you get over you Ex, mend your broken heart, and rebound with integrity, and find true love again. Don’t neglect your broken heart any longer! It’s time to heal and focus on yourself. Let Your Ex Go Now is a step-by-step guide that gives you personal access to an eight (8) video lessons that’ll introduce you to many activities and techniques to help you tame your pain, move toward emotional freedom, understand the importance of forgiveness, and recognize how powerful you truly are! When you complete the course, you’ll walk away feeling confident and knowing how to attract healthy relationships and the partner of your dreams! Best of all, no matter what your busy schedule or where you are in the world, you’ll receive unlimited, 24/7 access to this course so you can heal your broken heart and start living again!

EBOOK: How to reframe self-critical thoughts & boost your self-esteem

Self-critical thoughts can be overwhelming. They can consume your day and make it difficult to focus on anything else. These types of negative thoughts can harm you in multiple ways. Self-criticism can be an ongoing dialogue inside your head. Most of the thoughts focus on flaws, whether actual or perceived. Sometimes the thoughts start after a critical comment from another person. In rare cases, self-criticism can be useful. It may increase humbleness and provide a way to evaluate mistakes. However, most of the time, self-criticism creates unnecessary pain and suffering. Self-critical thoughts can increase the risk of depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. They also weaken your self-esteem and confidence. Luckily, you can learn to reframe these negative thoughts in your head and overcome them.

Live Worthy Life Coaching

Authentic leadership guidance designed to help high-achievers navigate change with purpose, action, and passion.


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